Teaching the feeling for a perfect form

At VMAS, we teach extensive technical skills so that you can develop unlimited knowledge in jewellery design and making. 

VMAS is the only school in BC which teaches a trade oriented curriculum. Our apprenticeship style of learning and one on one classes, allow students to develop their own skill set and design. This enables students to prepare for their professional career with a comprehensive portfolio upon graduation. Classes run Monday- Fri, 10 months a year and approx 960 hours of class time. Our class size is small, enabling you to learn at your own pace and exlploring techniques that interest you based on the project requirements. Working with Gerold on a daily basis, you will receive plenty of one on one instruction time, insuring you are able to learn as much as possible during your program. At VMAS, you will learn metal techniques, design and drawing, basics of gemology, comprehensive business subjects, about a perfect form and an academic approach of metal art and design.

Our 2 year program prepares students to work in high profile workshops/jewellery stores, while also developing the skills to being their own jewellery business or carry on into further aspects of the jewellery/metalsmithing industry. With a diploma from VMAS you will have excellent chances when applying for interesting and well paid jobs in Canada, US and also around the world.


Learn the beauty of an old profession the right way