There are many reasons to learn this profession at VMAS

Vancouver Metal Art School was founded 2001 in the back country of BC, in Nelson by Gerold Mueller.

After many years of teaching apprentices in his home country Germany he wanted to give his profound experiences in designing, developing and producing jewellery art pieces to the young generation in Canada.

Decorating a human body has a lot of social meaning in the society and Vancouver Metal Art School is focused to teach its students a wealth of knowledge and culture from the European continent.

Manual skills are the first element and step of being a perfect and accomplished artist. With manual skills we can accomplish almost everything imaginable, explore boundaries others may dream of and will never reach.

In the 15 years of the existing of Vancouver Metal Art School many of our students have reached their first steps of their goals. Some got awarded by customers who love their jewellery art, some got awarded by their cultural leaders and one got an strong accomplishment as a finalist ( 30 out of 1400) in a European Design Award, the only Canadian Participant!


Our students are our focus, their different cultures are their strength and our wealth in teaching.

The basic technical skill curriculum of Vancouver Metal Art School has all of the main technical subjects of a European Goldsmithing Education. It gives our students a high standard education which enables them to be equal skilled with European Trade standards in the Jewellery Industry. Some advanced technical subjects are even covered and are taught in the Goldsmith Master education in Europe.

Vancouver Metal Art School is teaching these comprehensive Technical Standards in Canada as the only educational institution to enable employers to take advantage of highly skilled bench jewellers .

Students who want to be self employed will enjoy the wealth of knowledge with which they are able to tackle almost all kinds of technical challenges in their designs.

 We tailor our curriculum around a student's individual need for instruction. This means that our students get trained with their cultural background in mind as well as their future plans. We use the basic structure of our curriculum and form it around the learning process of each student.
It is our belief that each student accomplishes much more with this individualistic approach and this is conformed by positive results in training past students and apprentices. All students are different. We celebrate this and tailor our curriculum accordingly.

What else do we offer to our Students ?
- Smaller class sizes than in bigger schools
- Hands-on approach
- Comprehensive technical and design education
- Instructor is a working artist with a wealth of professional experience 
- Registered with the Government of BC (#2827) -

Students benefit by:
- An extensive and comprehensive curriculum
- getting trained by professionals to enable them to become professionals
- A faster learning experience due to small class sizes and a student tailored approach to instructions; two years instead of four as compared with most schools .

- Become a comprehensive trained Jewellery and Object Designer
- Achieve a successful career in Jewellery or Object Design, increasing your opportunity to own your studio or gallery.
- Express yourself confidently through your art work
- Work for International jewellery company